LXS & Daniel Greenx



The newborn imprint REMM comes with a debut record - Romb One. Daniel Greenx & LXS are at the helm of this debut EP so you know you're in for a treat.

DG's track One is layered with filtered pads, which set the darker mood of the record, along distorted and eerie synth hooks with an occasional clever use of FX sounds, tightly underpinned with relentless rhythm works and bursts of innovative drum fillers. Undoubtedly showcasing the vision behind the REMM phases & project, this quickly turns into an early morning essential tune for waking up the dance floor.

On the flip side, the notorious sub frequency dweller LxS comes in even harder with an obvious transition to the subconscious levels in the shape of Romb, incorporating a sneaky synth line taken straight from the abyss that gets modulated to oblivion. Surrounded by stalking hats of every variety never left without creative panning, the anxious feeling of tight sonic grip won't let go. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, the tune will surely test the minds and membranes of its listeners and their sound systems.